Rothesay on the Isle of Bute

Rothesay is a Victorian seaside resort and the main town on the east side of Isle of Bute.
It is a very traditional and good looking town with signs of its Victorian heritage. Dominating the shoreline amongst the glorious esplanade gardens is the refurbished Isle of Bute Discovery Centre, a unique 1920s circular structure of cast iron and glass, now housing a cinema, an interactive display on the history of the island as well as  an information centre and a gift shop.
Visitors can also explore Rothesay Castle, its thick outer walls and grand hall which are all now fully restored. Just behind it is located the Bute Museum.
To the north of Rothesay,  via Port Bannatyne, lies Ettrick Bay, Bute’s most accessible beach, which is a relative safe haven for able swimmers. The famous tea room at Ettrick bay offers a wide variety of drinks, snacks, meals and desserts. It is much beloved by dog ow
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