Colours and energy – negative and positive

The idea about colour healing is centuries old and dates back from ancient Egypt and Hinduism.
Colour healing or chromotherapy is a powerful alternative therapy. The colours we see around us, the colour choices we make when deciding what to wear are significant and influence us in different ways.
All colours tell a story. This story is the fabric of our life – it changes with it. When we interact with a person, our aura colour changes. Our moods and feelings matter in terms of colour as well. These colours are in constant movement, even when we rest.

The Reasons why we like certain coloursAt a physical level: A person generally likes a given colour because it matches their skin tone.
At a psychological level: An individual’s taste or distaste for a certain colour can change with their mood. These mood changes are often situation-based, for example:
         According to the  event: Peo
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