Wild life animals in Bulgaria

The black stork
The adult storks are big wading birds with their upper body in black, with golden, purple and green tint. The rest is white. The bill and the legs are red.
The young offspring has yellow bill and legs. They learn to fly when they are 3 months old.
Unlike the white stork which lives in the steppes, the black stork likes the woods. It builds a nest on a tall tree and hunts in streams, rivers, marshes and meadows.
Black storks in Bulgaria can be seen in the Nikopol plateau, around Lovech and Russe. The black stork has one partner for life and there is always a parent in the nest when their young are small. Their mating season starts in May. The female lays from 2 to 6 eggs within 2 days.
The Aesculapian snake
It is a non-venomous snake which can be found in Bulgaria in places with 1600 m altitude. It likes mixed kinds of forests and hunts mainly small rodents, birds,
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